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Dinaru, an application that gets into your bank account to tell you how to save


We are introduced dinaru ( as an original project that can help save a few euros per month in exchange for granting access to our application to our bank account.

That’s right, the objective is for the tool to monitor what goes in and out and send alerts with tips or opportunities that, if accepted, can end up generating significant savings.

Alfonso Sainz de Baranda is its manager, a finance professional who has partnered with a developer to create a tool that, according to what they tell us, has already obtained more than 200,000 euros of financing and hired 5 experts in Marketing and Informatics who will They are in charge of searching and offering the best discounts and offers to create alerts for their users.

[…] it uses, on the one hand, the Bank Aggregation, so that we can lower our bank movements in a simple way, on the other hand, the Adaptive Semantic Categorization, necessary to read the movements and convert them into expenditure categories and finally the Early Warning Algorithms, to anticipate to problems and errors, as well as helping to find personalized savings.

After more than 5 months in a closed trial, you are ready to send invitations to all who request it on their home page.