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Digitized Medieval Manuscripts, the map of medieval manuscripts in digital format


Digital information is increasingly organized and mapped in the face of the need to order all the data libraries that we find scattered around the world. In this context, Digitized Medieval Manuscripts is also born, a Google Map that will map and pin us all those libraries that have a collection of medieval manuscripts accessible digitally.

Map information is kept current at all times, and each pin on the map represents a digital library. In this pin we will be able to click to display basic information about the site (which will include the name of the bookshop, its exact location, a link to the digital content and the number of manuscripts they have available). For example, I just clicked on the Barcelona pin and it shows me that the National Library of Catalonia has five manuscripts from the year 1300 to 1450 – and we will naturally be able to see all the pages of each in full color and scanned in large quality.

It is easy to navigate through the map data, and soon they will implement an option to search the information by country and city (so if we enter England show us the exclusive results of the country) and also by name of the library (useful for those who search exclusively for the information stored in a specific library without having to search the world map to find it).