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Digital archaeological atlas, archaeological discoveries on Google Maps


We discovered a tremendous resource for historians, archaeologists and curious people in which we can explore, thanks to the technology of Google Maps, the different archaeological discoveries of the different empires and regions, geolocated thanks to the map on which they are displayed and with all the information on the subject. It will also be a digital atlas.

Its full name is Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land, and it is made up of a collection of Google Maps that we can filter according to the information that is sought. If we are looking for something very specific, we will have a huge database in which to search, from where we will be able to locate information on empires, caliphates and kingdoms such as the Persian, the Babylonian, the Egyptian, the Hittites and many others. In this menu we can choose the option called Animate Empire so that the location and evolution of the empire in question are shown on the map, along with a multitude of images and text in a menu located on the right that will be the one that includes the historical information ( in some there are even embedded videos).

Another interesting option is to select the menu Archeological Periods, in which to navigate an enormous number of periods (from the Paleolithic to the Ottoman, passing through any one that we can imagine). We can also encourage them and locate the archaeological features and discoveries of the period on the map.