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Digg founder Kevin Rose presents his idea for a new blogging platform


Read the text written by someone at the same time that we see the blogger, in real time, behind what has been written, that’s the idea shown in Tiny, a prototype that Digg founder Kevin Rose has presented to the world in the video that you can see here:

At the moment it is only an idea, shown in just under 2 minutes in a video in which few details are explained, although the objective is clear:

– Give importance to the text above all, without secondary elements, betting on the simple. – Make clear who is the author of the text and be able to see it in real time at the same time that you read what you have written (blurred, that is)

It does not explain what will happen when the author is not in front of the webcam, nor what will happen with old posts, nor the type of professional who may want to bet on something like this, although coming from Kevin Rose, who has already bet on great Ideas in the past (he has invested in companies like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Chomp or Formspring, for example) and has stumbled across several startups on his way, we can expect anything.

It seems that the fashion now is to think about the new way of blogging, remember that we introduced you medium, from the creator of Twitter, a few weeks ago, also betting on a new way of transmitting information via the web.