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Detective Holmes, a detective game for iOS


From the hand of CrispApp, who may sound like the creators of Time Trap: Hidden Objects, we get a new iOS game based also on the search for hidden objects but, this time, set in the Sherlock Holmes universe. His name, Detective Holmes: Trap for the Hunter, and we have it available today on iTunes.

Focused then on solving puzzles based on the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle, in Trap for the Hunter we will have to solve cases in different scenarios that will lead us to the final result. Starting with London, the scene of a scandalous robbery in an exhibition, and ending in India to discover different mysteries and clues, the game will take us through more than 20 different scenarios, each with different mini-puzzles and mini-games that make the mechanics of exploration of environments is not repetitive.

In addition to the entertaining plot and gameplay, the game has just polished the details with very good quality graphics and music that will envelop us throughout the investigation.

Recommended for fans of detective stories and adventure (if we also happen to be fans of Sherlock Holmes cases, the better). If you want to play Detective Holmes on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, you can do it by downloading the game at this link (it will cost 0.99), for iOS 4.3. or higher.