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Demographics Pro, analyzing the audience on Twitter


Thanks to Schmap, which already offered us the opportunity to better understand the behavior of our Twitter followers with Know Your Followers, it now offers us a new service with improved functions called Demographics Pro.

The purpose of this new project is none other than to give us information about users who follow a certain user account or who are commenting on a specific hashtag, displaying the data at a demographic level as the name of the service indicates.

Thus, Demographics Pro provide us with data such as the real users who follow us on Twitter, those who are men, those who are women or even data such as where they like to eat, where they buy or how much they charge on average, it is even capable of specifying They are professionally well dedicated, indicating the position or the sector in percentages. We will have pages and pages of data that will give us information about ethnicity, locations, interests, etc., all using the algorithm created by Schmap. Finally, we will not only be able to create data from individual accounts but also display data related to specific groups or that discuss different topics.

Beyond exploring it out of curiosity, Demographics Pro can be very useful for marketing campaigns in which you want to analyze different groups of potential customers or in which you want to investigate current ones. trends, creating a result from the investigated data.