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Debitoor, to manage the accounting and billing of small businesses


Debitoor is a program that allows us to manage the accounting and invoicing of SMEs or freelancers online.

With many features it is presented as one of the most complete proposals (within the free options) with a very simple design.

2016 update: Debitoor no longer offers any free plan, although there is a free 7-day trial version.

Even if we have little experience in this field, Debitoor guides us to achieve our goals. We can from scanning documents and receipts to manage our expenses to creating invoices to send directly to our clients by email, taking into account the VAT rate of the country that we indicate.

We can create budgets or keep reports from different areas of accounting. We can also keep track of our customers or products. And as extra help we will have a search engine to easily locate the data we need at a certain time.

An interesting detail is that it allows us to export the data of Invoices, Expenses, Customers and Products in CVS format to send it to the rest of our team or to the accountant. Or we can request that an expense report be sent to our email in PDF, PMG, JPG, among others.

And if we want a quick way to access our account in Debitoor, we can install the application available for Chrome.