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Dayre, turn your daily posts into blog posts


The irruption of social networks in society has caused people to no longer feel the need to have their own personal blogs, having in networks like Twitter or Facebook the necessary tools to publish what they want to share to their own audiences immediately. And simple. Dayre ( is a new solution, originating from Nuffnang, an advertising community for Asa and the Pacific blogs, that aims to give a twist to blog posts based on the same publishing habits that users make in social networks.

The idea, basically, is that users publish small pieces of content, as they could publish it in the same way on Twitter or Instagram, and all these pieces of the same day become the blog publication itself. Users can publish texts, images, stickers, videos and locations, through their corresponding five existing buttons for it. Precisely, the grouping of content published throughout the day to form the definitive publication is what differentiates Dayre from Tumblr and other platforms of tumblelogs.

Dayre has a mobile application for Android and iOS, in fact, content publications are only made through mobile devices, since their website is not designed to create content, although it is designed to be viewed.

According to TNW, Dayre was launched on November 8, and currently has about 60,000 users. The formula used to make themselves known has been to choose influential bloggers from three countries, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom to spread the word. According to the founders points to the aforementioned medium, Dayre endure constant updates with the idea of ​​improving the service.

We have some specific characteristics of Dayre in the possibility of recording or uploading our own videos or the availability of 12 image filters that we can incorporate into our captures.

Dayre is available in the respective markets Android and iOS.