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Dario, to manage diabetes from mobile devices


Those who suffer from diabetes are those who know how difficult it can be to be aware at all times of the glucose levels of their body, the need or not to inject insulin, when to do it and in what amounts. The management of the disease and its treatment requires absolute control, and that is why Dario comes to LabStyle Innovations, a platform for iOS that allows people with diabetes to control their blood glucose levels and other various factors from the same device.

The platform will offer various tools to manage diabetes as optimally as possible (diabetes or any other disease that requires monitoring of glucose levels). Work together with a piece of hardware that will be the one that actually measures the sugar levels, followed by the user’s own assessment of what level of insulin to inject according to the levels indicated by the app. This, in turn, is even linked to a home insulin delivery service. The application will be available first in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and after its launch it will expand to other countries.

You can download the application by registering a Dario account at this link and clicking on sign up.