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Dailymotion Acquires HTML5 Video Solutions Company Jilion


Although YouTube is the main video platform on the Internet, there are also others that deserve our attention, such as Dailymotion, which today has acquired the company Jilion, developer of the suite of solutions for video using HTML5 technology SublimeVideo, which has been operating for four years. years, although it will not be affected by the acquisition, since it will continue to function normally as before, according to the company itself in a statement through its official blog, which also adds that they are happy to join Dailymotion, since who have seen a better vision and proposal to take advantage of their unique technology to take it to the next level.

Dailymotion also echoes the acquisition of Jilion, indicating the following:

SublimeVideo is a solution optimized for HTML5 video playback created by the startup Swiss Jilion. Whatever device you use, you can enjoy a unique experience: the video player ensures a consistent and consistent experience, both in terms of design and functionality, with perfect graphics performance regardless of the size of the on-screen display.

In any case, the details of the agreement have not been disclosed by any of the parties, but this acquisition will mean improvements in the provision of the service offered by Dailymotion, although it remains to be seen how the technology will be implemented and in what timeframe. Dailymotion wants to be up to the current website. Maybe we will see the results soon.