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Curious, to learn and create interactive lessons


They say that knowledge does not take place, although the truth is that we must use the time we can have to acquire the necessary knowledge in those areas in which we are interested. And for this, nothing better than using the online learning platforms that we have available on the Internet, where Curious ( is one more option to consider, as long as English is not a problem, since video lessons are available in this language.

The idea is that users access the topics in which we are interested, and within them, access video lessons that catch our attention in order to enroll. Once we opt for any lesson, we have an advance of what we can find along it, and if we are interested, we can access and participate, being able to access for free or pay with Curious coins, as indicated by the lesson itself. In this sense, upon registering, we will be offered 20 coins although we can obtain more by buying them, being the value of one coin per dollar. The cost of the paid lessons are usually one to three currencies, although in some cases it also costs five.

Be that as it may, once we enroll in a video lesson, we will see that it is divided into sections, and at the end of them we will be offered a questionnaire to determine the level of knowledge acquired.

On the cover we have a list of lessons, some of them random, where we can access our own collections, outstanding lessons and outstanding teachers, although we can filter this relationship by another referring to the specific category that interests us, which allow us to search for lessons that we may be interested in within that category. At the moment we do not have a search engine.

The teachers, who are the creators of lessons, have a unit development platform to develop their own content, and also have their own URLs for their profiles within the platform itself. They will get 70% of the earnings from the paid lessons and Curious the remaining 30%.

Curious also has mobile applications for iPad and recently also for iPhone.