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Curiosities of Google Maps: the strangest thing you will find in Google maps

Curiosities of Google Maps: the strangest thing you will find in Google maps

Curiosities of Google Maps: the strangest thing you will find in Google maps

The Mountain View company maps have opened a door for us to the world. And I am sure that these curiosities of Google Maps will not leave you indifferent.

Google Maps was born in 2005, and has completely changed our way of seeing the world. Suddenly we find a window to the outside where we can see everything we want. From the USA to China, passing through Africa or Oceana. Either in the form of a map, either in satellite, or in the form of Street View.

The truth is that it has rained a lot since 2005, but nothing has changed compared to Google Maps. It is still the leader in user maps, it is the most popular smartphone application, and we already use it to receive directions. And all these years have been long enough for Maps to fill with fun trivia to see and explore. Are you with us?

Street View: streets and strangers in equal parts

SCREENSHOT Streetview / Google

Perhaps the most famous curiosities are the ones people meet by chance in Street View. Cars on Google Maps travel the public highway, so they have already found everything: from everyday acts such as robberies or people urinating, to extremes such as seeing two Norwegians chasing a car with wetsuits and harpoons. The Internet is full of those images.

Turn the Street View doll into a UFO


Turning the friendly yellow man into a UFO is relatively straightforward. We just have to go to Area 51 on Google Maps, and drag to Pegmanby the map. Although the car has never been there and we can’t see anything. A little trick to get there faster is to look for Groom Lake instead of Area 51.

Google Maps (and others) have fake streets to avoid copies

To many you think it is silly. Or even a danger that a map has streets that do not exist, or errors in the streets or their names. Google, and many more maps, use this technique as an anti-copy method. For example, if a map includes a Google Maps street that does not exist, Google has evidence that an unauthorized copy has been made. OpenStreetMap has a compilation of these streets on its Wiki.

What would happen if a nuclear bomb falls on?


Never be prepared for the nuclear threat, but now you can. Nukemap is what its own name indicates: a utility based on Google Maps that allows us to see What would happen if a nuclear bomb falls anywhere. It allows us to be as realistic as we want, and even select what type of pump we want to simulate. At your own risk, huh.

Google Sheep View: Sheep, Sheep Everywhere


It may seem like a joke. Surely someone will not believe it until they see it with their own eyes. But there are people who look for images of sheep in Street View, and who uploads them to a blog. So you can count real sheep, nothing to do with imaginary.

You can know when to drive a Google car on your street

google street view air quality

One of the questions people ask the most about Street View is when to drive. Most people see it when they are doing it, without knowing it in advance. And Google publishes the next routes of their cars on its website, so there is no excuse for not knowing it.

Sad Topographies: The saddest places on Google Maps


And if what you want is to know The saddest places on Google MapsThere is also an Instagram that collects them. From Suffering Lane to Cape Disappointment, passing through Shit, Sad or Camp Suicide Rd .. It is used to have a laugh or to gloat in misery. And they even made a special of sad places in America for the appointment of Trump.