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Cubestat – How much is your website worth?

Cubestat - How much is your website worth?

Have you ever thought about how much money your website will be valued, just in case Google or Microsoft comes to buy it at any time?

There are many services that assign a value to our website, we still do not know very well based on what, and today we bring you one more, although it seems that this at least not only gives us a random value.

It is about Cubestat, a simple site that, just by entering the address of our site, the system gives us an estimate of how much we should sell our website. As we said before, we do not know very well what it is based on, but it is probably the number of incoming links or the position in the different rankings.

In fact, on the same website we were shows our position in the most popular rankings, as well as the meta information and tags that our page is composed of. We can even see information regarding the hosting where it is stored, such as how old it is, when it was created, if it has ever been updated or when it expires, and complete information on the history of the site that will give us the option to travel to the past and see as a web was a few days, months or years before. Do you want to see what wwwhat’s new was like in August 2006?

And it not only tells us how much the web is worth, but also cant we should charge for each advertising block that we decide to put on our site, something that can surely serve as a reference when giving a concrete figure if they propose some type of business.

Source: Incubaweb.