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Cubby, the LogMeIn alternative for online file storage

Cubby, the LogMeIn alternative for online file storage

The market for online file storage services becomes interesting when a new competitor appears, which is also committed to keeping files synchronized and accessible through all devices connected to the Internet, both from desktop tools and through mobile devices.

This new competitor, called Cubby, belongs to the well-known company LogMeIn, specialized in offering remote access tools to different systems. Currently, the service is in a private beta phase, where for now they accept requests for invitations on their home page.

Cubby, unlike many competitors, will maintain the file and directory structures of the users themselves, allowing them to select those folders that they want to be synchronized, offering them control of what they want to synchronize from what they don’t. In fact, from the Windows application they will be able to navigate through their own local system folder structures and select those folders that they wish to synchronize through the option added in the context menu, although users can also drag any folder inside of the application.

It also has an application for iOS and Android terminals. And of course, like any other online storage tool, Cubby allows users to share their folders with their contacts, giving group collaboration the option. For those who want a Dropbox-like experience, regardless of their file and folder structures, they will have a folder called My Cubby.

With 5 GB offered for free during the private beta, and also offering additional options once it is available to the rest of the public, and without knowing the prices they will have, Cubby can be an interesting option to consider, especially considering count the company behind you.

Link: Cubby | Goes: TechCrunch