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CSSViewer, to display the CSS properties of any web page


As you already know, we often recommend some of the best related to the Internet world. On this occasion we bring you a useful tool for all those who dedicate yourself to the world of web development. This is CSSSViewer, an extension for Google Chrome with which to display the CSS properties of any web page.

Like other similar tools, using CSSViewer is quite simple. To activate the extension, just click on the extension icon and hover over the element that we want to inspect on the web page where we are. In this way we will obtain the result that you can see in the image that this article illustrates.

Despite its simplicity, it can be very useful at all times when we want to consult information about containers, fonts and colors. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight that CSSViewer is a tool open-source, so we can check its source code through GitHub.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting tool, and the best thing of all is that it is possible to download it completely free of charge. If it has caught your attention, we recommend that you test its operation by downloading it through the following link to the Chrome Web Store.