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Crowdhoster, open source system for hosting crowdfunding campaign pages


Crowdfunding is a term that is becoming more and more familiar, and refers to the fact of financial contributions by volunteers to support projects and ideas of all kinds, where today Kickstarter is the best-known platform, although there are other platforms of crowdfunding available on the Internet, both generic and thematic, all of them having a number of benefits that may be sufficient or may be somewhat short, depending on the needs of each one.

Well, an option to consider for those who want to launch their own campaigns is in Crowdhoster, which as Matt Mullenweg indicated at the time on his Twitter, Crowdhoster is doing for crowdfunding what WordPress is for blogging.

This statement, highlighted within the Crowdhoster page, already suggests the line of this service, which is available by invitation in your own domain, although those who wish to, can also access the code that can be found and downloaded from their own page they have on GitHub, so they can install it on their servers, as long as they support applications in Ruby on Rails.

Crowdhoster has a simple management panel, which allows you to create multiple campaigns, allowing you to have multiple contributors, create different levels of rewards, track financing progress through its corresponding bar, support for themes, support for reservations, availability of your own API etc.

On the same page of Crowdhoster there are a series of examples of crowdfunding campaigns, in addition to the existence of a live demo page for those who are interested, they can access the administration panel and check the simplicity of using the system.

A more than interesting option to avoid the limitations of other platforms, in addition to having greater control over the data that is offered.

Link: Crowdhoster | Goes: WebResourceDepot