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Crowdbabble Launches Customer Service Reports on Facebook for Business


The main social networks are serving as new communication channels for the companies themselves, who must take care of a series of aspects so that the customers who choose these channels, which are increasingly more, are satisfied not only with the speed to get answers but they are also to your liking. In this sense, the CEO of Crowdbabble (, Abbas Alidina, contacts us to announce the inclusion of the reports of the customer service on Facebook on his platform.

The idea is clear, users increasingly use social networks to communicate with companies, whether they are providing suggestions, complaints or other messages they wish to leave, waiting to be answered by the companies themselves to their communications. And so that the companies themselves can know if they are on the right path when it comes to managing their pages, attending to their own pages and their potential clients, the reports allow us to see a series of aspects using numbers and charts to determine if they are acting correctly or have room for improvement.

To do this, from the announcement itself focuses on the Fitbit page as a possible example for other companies, where the numbers indicate that the company itself has responded to 255 of the 384 messages published by its own customers, with an average response time of 728.7 minutes, throughout the two weeks in which the analysis of the example has focused. Thus, the example reports indicate that 12% of responses occurred within 60 minutes of customers posting their messages, while 4% of responses occurred within two hours of their own posting. customers posted their messages. And so on.

The reports also allow you to see the times when companies receive the most messages, in order to pay more attention in the hours with the most volumes of messages, allowing the team behind the companies to adjust their hours to provide better attention.

In this way, companies will have a new tool to be more effective in dealing with customers.