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Crossfader, using the gyroscope of your iPhone to play DJ


We talked about a couple of days ago about Ninja Jamm, one of the options we have in iOS to make quality music mixes. If you are looking for a simpler and more flashy application instead of so complex, you can take a look at Crossfader.

When we say not so complex, we mean exactly that it lacks buttons for mixing. All the effects and modifications in the music, including the volume of the tracks, will be done by means of the gyroscope of the device, so that we will basically DJ by shaking our phone and moving it in concrete ways (for example, if we shake it we will add effects and if moving it vertically will make the mixture more uniform). The application is designed to mix two songs, and the app itself will put at our disposal a gallery (although somewhat limited) of hits of the moment. If we want to mix our own favorite songs, we can access our iTunes page directly from the app.

We can simply practice mixing or save the result of our mixing from the beginning. To download Crossfader you can click here, and it’s free.