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Creating timelines on your website powered by a Google sheet

mayo 23, 2020
Ejemplo de linea de tiempo generada

Many websites can win a good resource by including a timeline with multimedia content sorted by dates, a timeline that we will teach you today how to create from a Google spreadsheet.

This is Timeline JS3, a knightlab project that offers us the possibility to configure and publish timelines in a simple way, showing maps, photos, videos and various other resources within a horizontal timeline that we can embed on any website .

Example of generated timeline

The steps to be performed are as follows:

– We copy the template from Google Spreadsheet that they have available on their website. That will be the data sheet, so it is necessary that all those responsible for the information have access to it. – We fill in the rows of the file with the start date, end date, multimedia content, background, accompanying text to the content and other information that we wish to publish in our timeline. There is no row limit, we can include as many as we want. It is even possible to specify exact days and times for each item. – We publish the Google sheet on the Internet using its main menu. Once published, we copy the url of it and paste it on the TimeLine JS3 website for how the result is. – We copy the generated code to embed it on our website.

As we update the data sheet, the timeline will be updated immediately, so we can offer access to people who do not have programming knowledge to be responsible for feeding content that everyone will see on the appropriate site.

The result can be quite personalized, and is compatible with mobile devices.