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Creating playlists on Netflix


Those of us who have been cutting the TV antenna for months and have let Netflix star on the big screen in our living room, have long insisted on the need to be able to create lists.

The idea is that it is possible to specify the order of different episodes of the various existing series so that they can be played without using the remote control, something very useful for children, for example, since we can create lists of varied cartoons and offer them in the order we want.

The case is that Netflix does not offer anything similar, so if you want to have an uninterrupted session of cartoons, for example, you have to do it by watching the episodes of the same series sequentially.

This problem can be solved using this extension for Firefox, a plugin that allows you to select movies and series episodes so that they play exactly in the order you want. The extension was created earlier this year and is still in version 0.1, so it seems that there is not much interest in further developing its functionalities.

Hopefully in 2014 we will have something like this on all devices (mobile phones, tablets, consoles, TVs …) since creating playlists is not a luxury, it is a necessity.