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Creating infographics that adapt to mobiles

We have already discussed various tools that we can use to create infographics, although it is clear that continues to be the preferred tool for thousands of users around the world.

The idea of ​​this platform is that we can build infographics without having to have great design knowledge. There are several different models that have the option to load the data to suit what we want to show the world. It is possible to include maps, graphs, charts, texts and other elements to build the appropriate infographic. He participates in dozens of events related to visual information, publishes good books on this topic on his blog, updates his application quite frequently, and now allows the infographics created to adapt automatically to small screens.

That’s right, after publishing our work we can obtain the necessary code to embed it on our website. If we copy the script suitable (responsive, in the screenshot below), we will see how the design adapts to the mobile phones perfectly.

Creating infographics with is free. We can publish them on your website, on ours, although to export the result in PDF or PNG you need to be a Pro user. This type of user can also share the work from a non-public url, protect the infographics with a password and access more designs of those available in the free option.