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Create your year in music with Spotify: the most listened to of 2016

Create your year in music with Spotify: the most listened to of 2016

Create your year in music with Spotify: the most listened to of 2016

It ends 2016 and Spotify has created a playlist of the songs you liked the most in the last 365 days.

Every end of the year there are always things that repeat, the compilations of the best of 201x arrive. Most of all.Spotify, as the streaming music playback service used by more than 40 million people in Premium mode, is capable of collecting a lot of data about us.

He knows what you’ve been listening to, for how long, at what point in the day he has very interesting data that help them improve the recommendations they make to us and also to study trends.

Your 2016 in music: Spotify creates a list for you

If you are among Spotify users you probably woke up today with an email in your inbox:Your 2016 in music. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, so you can access the list of 12 songs (one per month) that Spotify has generated based on what you’ve heard.

In the musical thing each person has some tastes, so from the following link you can go directly to the special page that Spotify has created for this end of 2016:

Flashback 2016 on Spotify

If you press the View button on Spotify you will see TOP songs of 2016 with what you have heard the most in the last year, but also what world trends have been.

To get an idea of ​​the numbers that move in Spotify, the Most listened artist on Spotify it has been again Drake, His songs have been listened to 4.7 billion times, making him the most listened-to artist of all in the service’s history. They follow Justin Bieber and Rihanna in the top 3.

The most listened to song of the year (970 million times) has been One Dance (feat. WizKid and Kyla) Drake.

The world’s most popular playlists

If the list that Spotify has created for you does not convince you or you want to discover new music, these are the most popular playlists of the entire planet, only the first has more than 12 million followers.

  1. Todays Top Hits
  2. Rap Caviar
  3. Hot country
  4. Peaceful Piano
  5. Dance Reggaeton

In this Spotify blog post you have a lot more fun facts like new emerging music genres, new bands, artists featured by genre and more.