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Cover, the screen for Android that offers us the apps we need at the moment


It is almost paradoxical that applications are born to manage the use of other applications, but this is the case of Cover, an app that turns out to be quite useful for those users who, after installing app after app, cannot even manage when and in what situation use each one, because they simply forget it.

Under the premise of showing us the correct applications at the correct time, Cover is a lock screen that we can integrate into our Android device that allows us to divide the applications that the device shows according to categories: for example, dividing them among those that we use to work, the ones we use in the gym or the games we play at home, displaying one or the other according to time and situation (which is automatically detected once we make the necessary adjustments).

All this will be done by Cover taking into account our geolocation: for example, and having previously indicated to the app where our gym is, it will automatically go into sports applications mode. At first the suggestions will be automatic (in the productivity area we will be shown popular results such as Google Drive or LinkedIn) but little by little the results will be personalized according to our use and personal habits.

Cover or Coverscreen is not yet available on Google Play but will be soon. You can find out about its characteristics and output on the same website linked above, although if you are eager to try it you can always access the beta invitation.