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Coursera earns its first million dollars selling certificates of its courses


During the last months we have given special attention to the online courses that are being carried out in universities around the world following the MOOC model (free online courses open to thousands of students simultaneously). There are many institutions and many projects that are committed to this way of distributing knowledge, although there is one point that must be resolved as quickly as possible in order not to die of success: money.

Coursera is one of the best known projects in this category, it has managed to partner with several universities around the world and offers courses in the most diverse subjects, with technologies that go beyond simple video and chat. Participating in their courses is free but you have to pay to obtain the certificate that verifies that we have passed the course (something that is not always easy).

Now, from their blog, they report that they have already managed to raise their first million dollars using this model, one million dollars in 9 months of the program. Although it may seem somewhat slow, if we take into account that they received an investment of 65 million that they have to justify, they will surely attract the attention of more universities and, consequently, of more students, so it is expected that the growth will not be linear and if exponential.

You can get more information about the Coursera certificate program at and see their certified courses at Tennis other courses, along with that of other universities, in the article: Online university courses in September.