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CourseBuffet, search engine and comparator of courses in Coursera, EdX, Udacity and others

coursebuffet buscador de cursos

Quality, coverage, utility and variety are some of the best features of the free and massive online courses that have been showing up, on Coursera, EdX, Udacity and other platforms, as a brilliant alternative to conservative models of education. Well, as they have become so popular in recent years, we are fortunate to already have thousands of them.

And since there are already thousands of them and multiple platforms where they are published to facilitate their access, the search process is somewhat complicated and extra tools are needed to filter them in such a way that we can find the most suitable for our tastes and needs and sign up instantly. One of those tools is CourseBuffet, a search engine and an online course comparer.

CourseBuffet indexes hundreds of online courses published on platforms like Coursera and offered by Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT and other prestigious Universities in such a way that hardly a keyword is needed to search among all of them simultaneously. For example, when searching for courses in Statistics (statistics), show something like the following, dozens of related results, the most similar in their title being the first to appear, followed by those from similar areas, in this case, the Probability, Data Analysis and Scientific Computing courses.

On the left side of the results, more filters appear (by subject, University, level and platform) to refine the search further, and in the upper section there are a couple of buttons to change the way the results are viewed. Subtract save favorites with button Save Course or simply sign up to one of them from its official page by clicking on Go to course.

Link: CourseBuffet