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Couple brings news to their mobile applications and begins to be available on desktop


Launched under the name of Pair in 2012, as we already mentioned at the time, and renamed Couple ( at the beginning of this year 2013, this mobile application is focused on couples themselves, allowing them to keep in touch as well how to share different moments through images and videos that only they can see. It has functions of messaging, drawing, sending text messages, sending voice messages, sharing locations, creating important reminders, etc. Couple is available for both the Android platform and the iOS platform, and today TechCrunch echoes some new developments, one of which is the landing of Couple in beta for the desktop website.

Precisely, the desktop website allows viewing the moments, the lists and establishing chat conversations to the couples themselves. The idea of ​​taking a presence at the desk is, in the opinion of its founder, Oleg Kostour, to take advantage of the time that people themselves spend in front of desktop computers, for which they are bringing new features so that there comes a time when the Desktop version has all the functions available through mobile applications.

But in addition to the presence on desktop devices, mobile applications also have their ration of novelties, the first of which is the new way of integrating location data. The Beacon Live feature will allow the other member of each pair to be shown the location, a feature that will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to avoid serving as a surveillance app. Localization will take precedence on the mobile app’s main page over some other actions. Also, by integrating Foursquare, couples can explore nearby places, and can create and share their own lists.

It is, therefore, an application intended for all those couples who want to be permanently in contact and share the different moments they live.