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Cortana, the “Microsoft Siri”, for Windows Phone


That’s right, Microsoft is working on its own personal assistant, in an application that recognizes our voice to execute our commands on their mobile devices, giving both answers and showing information related to what we are asking for.

In a world increasingly dominated by smart assistants, be it the Google Now / Glass or Siri style, Microsoft once again fell behind. It is true that there is still a long way to go before this technology stops being a simple curiosity and becomes a useful platform for any type of user (inside and outside the world). geek), but it is also true that those who do not start moving their pawns now will have a hard time when the game starts to heat up.

Let’s go back to Cortana, the name that, according to The Verge and ZDnet, will have the intelligent system for Windows Phone. In The Verge We can find some system screenshots (still in a very initial phase, with no more than texts and menus) that help us understand the features to offer.

Alerts related to time, calendars, different actions depending on whether we are at home or at work, calls activated by voice commands, information related to our geographical location … it seems that the philosophy will be the same as that of the competition, although it is still too soon to give details beyond the name and intent.

Hopefully the batteries are put, we have placed high hopes in the Nokia + Microsoft union and Cortana can be a good hook to attract more users in your operating system.