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Conduit, to create applications and mobile sites from web or mobile


At we have had a tool for years that helps build mobile sites and applications for different operating systems, an application that allows you to transform a traditional website into a mobile app with just a few clicks and customizations.

The idea of ​​conduit has been evolving, now it also allows us to indicate a Facebook page and obtain a mobile application with its content, with sections showing the latest posts, photos, videos, contact area, who we are … everything generated in a few minutes.

Now they announce on allfacebook a new tool that Conduit has been working on: Mobile from Mobile. The idea is that we can build websites for this type of device directly from the mobile, without using a web browser on a PC or Mac.

Although it loses the advantage of being able to work the design from a large monitor, it allows what the user designs to be exactly the same as what will be seen at the end, thus helping to avoid last minute surprises.

The Conduit options usually charge a monthly fee that entitles the application to remain in its corresponding market, although there is usually a limited free option in visits received and without the right to have it saved in iTunes or Google Play.