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CompartoPlato – To share food with your neighbors

plato presents us with this project that was born in Spain to follow the steps of an initiative that is already quite successful in the Netherlands.

It’s about not letting food on our plates, sharing what we cook with other people who may be looking for a cheaper solution near our door or who want to expand their social circle allowing themselves to be conquered by the homemade food of their neighbors.

The objective is to allow whoever wants to distribute part of what is cooked with their neighbors to do so from this website, where the details of the dish in question, the place and other references appear, such as the price, for example, which is usually 3 or 4 euros the plate. We can follow specific chefs to know all the news that they announce in their profile (red beans with chorizo ​​for 2.5 euros, for example) and make requests from the application.

The story and the experience gained are told on their presentation page, where they comment on how Marieke Hart and Jan Thij Bakker founded the website to allow bringing the philosophy of exchange to the world of cooking. In fact, its founder has already participated in a TED in which she spoke about the importance of reducing traditional consumption by sharing among a smaller community.