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Cold Turkey, to avoid distractions and be more productive


The online world is often a distraction for all those who are trying to focus on something in particular and want their work hours to be more productive. Especially those of us who work most of the day in front of a PC constantly fight against that impulse to enter Facebook, tweet something, enter to hang out in some online game or get lost in the typical website with hundreds of addictive mini-games.

If these temptations really start to mean too much lost time, we can consider using Cold Turkey. It is a service that temporarily blocks us from visiting the social media and web sites that we choose and that are a distraction for us, being able to choose if we want to block the visit of those sites at half-hour intervals or until even an entire week in emergencies. Ideally, this translates into much greater concentration and productivity when working and more if we do it from the computer.

Keep in mind that blocking affects all users of the computer and browsers installed on the PC, with which we have to think carefully about what we block and even when in case we work from a shared PC. A somewhat extreme solution, but it can be very effective if we have a lot of work ahead and we need to get rid of online distractions at all costs.