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Coinbase, virtual wallet service for Bitcoin, launches its application for sellers [Android]


We have already talked about some available virtual wallet services for Bitcoin, and now we are going to focus on Coinbase (, which recently received an investment of 25 million dollars, and these days it is also news because in its application mobile for the Android platform, the point of sale functionality has been removed, which has been brought to a new independent application for the same platform. In this way, the new application called Coinbase Merchant is intended for retailers themselves to accept payments through Bitcoins.

Regarding the renewed Coinbase Wallet application, it now has a completely redesigned interface, allows you to update the purchase / sale prices easily, has been optimized for faster operation, allows you to hide the balance, and has a new widget to display the Bitcoin price. Coinbase Wallet for Android is an open source application and is available for Android terminals from version 2.3.3 onwards.

Keep in mind that Coinbase has its own payment API, allows sellers to accept Bitcoins through email, allows to integrate a button on websites, and even has its own plugin for e-commerce stores. It has a fee that charges 1% of transactions, allowing sellers to process their first million sales without charges, according to TNW. In addition, it also has its mobile application for iOS and can also be accessed through the web, both from desktop and mobile devices.