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Codio, an excellent tool for programming web projects


Before reading the text, if you are a programmer and dedicate yourself to the web world, take a look at the video presentation of Codio, at

As you can see, it is a code editor that allows you to customize the work panel, adds keyboard shortcuts, includes functions to organize the lines allowing you to have a more attractive and easy to understand code structure, access libraries, connect to ftp , github and other remote servers, shows visualization of results in real time … extremely interesting functions for those who program and want to focus on the code, not the editor, since it can greatly facilitate the bureaucratic work of programming.

In the part of front end works with HTML5, CSS and Javascript, in the back end It is compatible with PHP, Node, Ruby and Python, being always possible to load entire projects and allow collaborative work.

Codio is a free tool for public and free code projects. They are already working on a version in which, for 8 dollars, we can use it for private projects, although they report on their website that this option is not yet available.

If you want to closely follow the status of the project, I recommend subscribing to his blog, at, where they report on the progress made, available plans and availability.