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Codacy, to clean the programmed code and make it easier to understand


One of the main problems that the community of programmers around the world faces, regardless of the language they use, is that of inheriting the work done by another professional and practically not understanding anything that has been written.

I am no longer talking about documenting the code as God intended, or creating UML diagrams, or getting analysis of updated specifications … I am talking about having a clean structure, not just commented, which allows you to easily identify the start and end of functions, procedures and other blocks.

To help at that point is born Codacy, currently in private beta (, with a public release forecast in January, which allows cleaning the code to make it easier to understand, a job for which they use both automatic algorithms that help find patterns, as manual work to identify the needs of each project.

So far they have not specified either prices or business models, they comment on TNW that they have obtained 500,000 dollars of investment and are now focused on doing something that is really useful for programmers. We’ll be alert.