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Within the social bookmarking of websites, there are those who separate themselves from the common to offer something different, as is the case of It’s about a clip-based website social bookmarking that uses a bookmarklet that we will add in the links bar of our favorite browser, and we will navigate through websites, adding those that most attract our attention through said bookmarklet. Also, in it also allows us to add the URL manually to add websites.

Whatever the route used, for each website a capture will be made and we will get some options that we will configure to be able to insert the clip on our websites through the code that is provided to us, in addition to a short URL, which we can share by others social sites. If we have previously indicated a text on a website, through the bookmarklet The text indicated as an appointment will be captured and stored, also having functions that we will configure to insert said appointment on our websites, and also the original URL of the mentioned website will also be part of our clips.

Thinking about the promotion of our contents, it offers us the possibility that our visitors can share them through a script that will be provided for each URL that we add. In addition, for each clip we have its history, with the page statistics and the site statistics, regarding the interaction of the users of this service.