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Clone Wars Project, to create your own 3D printer

Clone Wars

Perhaps you already know that 3D printing is called to be one of the next revolutions that we see users, although perhaps we still see it somewhat far from our daily life, as it happened with other aspects that we enjoy today and that in its day we It sounded like science fiction.

You will also know that 3D printers are not yet affordable to the general public, although if you want to get into this world, and why not, get your 3D printer at lower prices, you can already be part of Clone Wars, which is presented as a group within the RepRap community, with the idea of ​​bringing as much information as possible in Spanish so that those passionate about this new revolution have all the necessary information.

What information does it include? Well, many and varied, starting with the tutorials and frequently asked questions, up to the places where you can buy parts and other accessories for mounting 3D printers in Spain. According to the page itself, the typical cost of the 3D printer is around 400 to 450 euros, a budget that could be reduced.

In case you decide, if you have already created your 3D printer, you will be able to share all the information with the other users of the group, where you can also get to know their own 3D printers and all the documentation provided on them. The existence of a bazaar of parts respond to the need of those people who do not have access to other 3D printers to be able to create them, since they may already be available in some entities and organizations that need to work with them.

The mailing list in Google groups and the IRC channel hosted on the Freenode server are the communication tools available to this group, who also advise new people to look at the contents of the wiki to begin to familiarize themselves, read the documentation in depth and register on the same wiki for statistical and identification purposes.