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Clips, the new Apple app to create videos for social networks

Clips, the new Apple app to create videos for social networks

Clips, the new Apple app to create videos for social networks

Clipses is the new Apple app with which you can create the most expressive videos and share it with your friends on social networks.

In addition to the new iPads, the red iPhone 7 and the straps for the Apple Watch, the Cupertino company has taken advantage of the morning to launch Unaapp clips with which to create short videos.The idea of ​​Apple with Clips is simplify the process necessary to create and share videos. Hence, recording is as simple as pressing a button.

Apple targets fashion to create stories

As in thestories from Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat itself, Clips allows you to add all kinds of filters, emojis and drawings to your photos and videos to make them unique and fun. Among the effects you can choose cmic filters, speech bubbles, shapes and full screen animations.

Although unlike all of them, is able to add text automaticallyto. To do this, listen to what you say while recording or taking photos and transcribe it in the moment to add it to the image at the right moment. This system works thanks to Siri’s voice recognition technology, making it compatible with 36 languages.

Laapp itself lacks friends So it cannot be considered a social network, all of Apple’s attempts to create one have failed. Although that does not mean that it lacks a component Social. All the videos and photos taken with Clips can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. In addition to any application, such as iMessage or the reel, that accepts videos and photos through its extension.

Clips are not yet available (there is only one waiting page), although when it can be downloaded for free in April it will be compatible with both iPhone and iPad.