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Clipping, to share and group links, allows you to see panels publicly


Clipping ( is a good solution that we have to create panels with related links between them. We can, for example, group all links to articles on the same topic, or collect information to carry out academic work and share the panel of links with other users.

The problem that Clipping had so far is that only these groups of links could be shared among the users of the system, something quite limited, mainly because to have an account in Cllipping it is necessary to request an invitation (although they take little time to send it).

Now they tell us that it is already possible to distribute the link of a panel of links to anyone, whether they have an account or not, as well as on social networks, blogs, etc.

You can see an example here, where I show a small panel with some articles from the WWWhatsnew course category.

To create panels we only have to specify its name and start pasting links that we find on the Internet. The content will be shown with its thumbnail and description, being possible to add a category to each link so that it can be found more easily using the tools included in the platform.

In the side menu we have access to popular tags and users, thus helping, deliciously, to find the most popular in their database.