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Climate Viewer 3D, controlling global pollution on Google Maps


ClimateViewer 3D is a new resource that uses the Google Maps plug-in so that we can consult the levels of pollution and, consequently, the effects of climate change in any region of the world.

In addition to the information that we can freely consult, the interesting thing about ClimateViewer is the number of layers with specific information that it offers us, not only focused on pollution. We find these layers divided into five main categories: emergency alerts -section in which we will access nuclear, volcano, earthquake and fire alerts-, another category that will offer us images taken from different satellites, a third section to display alerts and information on radars related to the climate, another one that will give us data on toxic pollution, fuel, nuclear waste, etc. and, finally, a section on facilities that will locate elements such as reactors, cables, radars, various atmospheric devices or communication centers.

The pollution section will allow us to access very interesting data, such as accessing the ten most radioactive sites on the planet, all based on data extracted from the Environmental protection Agency.

Additionally, the web app allows us to upload our own KML files to view the information on the Google Map. In order to visualize the Climate Viewer files, we will need to be the plug-in to visualize 3D information in Google Earth. From there, the possibilities of accessing information that we have navigating this map are almost endless.