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clickug, to create custom url shorteners


A few years ago we had so many options to shorten urls that it was difficult to make the decision about which one we would use in our day to day. A handful of them won the apusta: bitly and, with their good click statistics systems,, for being Twitter’s own,, for being the hootsuite… to continue creating shorteners seems suicide digital having these giants dominating the market.

But the proposal of clickug ( is different: it not only shortens, personalizes. The idea is that if we are creating a url to point to a video congratulating the year, we will do it with generic domains associated with the theme, such as,, etc. Urls can be shortened both as a subdomain and as a directory, making it possible to create a, much easier to remember than a

They include a bookmarklet so that we drag it to our navigation bar and we can press it when we are visiting the url that we want to shorten, without having to access to perform the operation.

The free plan includes statistics for clicks received from facebook and Twitter and does not offer the possibility of shortening it in less than 15 characters, something that can be solved by paying 9 dollars a year with a plan that also offers an advanced module of statistics.