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CLED 2010 official opening

CLED 2010 official opening

With the participation of those directly responsible for shaping this educational event, this Friday, July 2, the I Virtual Congress and II Online Conference on Free Knowledge and Education (CLED 2010), activity carried out by direct transmission via Wiziq. The words of welcome to the event were given, in this case, by the members of each of the coordinations that make up the Organizing Committee of CLED 2010, beginning with Raymond Marquina, who highlighted the growth that CLED has presented in just two years. Next, Teadira Prez made an outline of the activities to be developed within the framework of the Congress and, finally, Katiusca Pea, Salomn Rivero, Alberto Castellano, Elvira Navas and Sybil Caballero reported their experiences from the coordinators of the Edublogs Contest, Scientific Committee, Forums Electronic, Open Educational Resources Show and Press Room, respectively. The webconference was then started Conceptualizing Open Educational Resources, their characteristics and taxonomy by Professor Elvira Navas, from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela; who made a historical memory of the concept of OER, and made important contributions, among which the great challenges to incorporate OER in the teaching and learning processes stand out:

– Challenge 1: Adequate training of teachers in the design, implementation and evaluation of OER – Challenge 2: The creation of the institutional IT culture necessary to develop OER – Challenge 3: The development of the necessary technological infrastructure that allows the use of OER – Challenge 4: The promotion of educational experimentation and innovation processes around OER – Challenge 5: The design of the educational message and its consequent system of interaction among users of OER.

You can view the recording of the opening of the event and the web conference by clicking on this link.

Finally, the video was presented Towards a common definition of free and open education, by Franco Iacomella from Gleducar-Argentina, highlighting that in the virtual space of CLED 2010 ( an online forum is open to debate ideas about the ideas addressed by Iacomella. The video is shown below: