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CLED 2010 begins and on WWWhatsnew we will be there to tell you about it

CLED 2010 begins and on WWWhatsnew we will be there to tell you about it

It is no secret that at I have always paid special attention to tools and events that can improve academic life, both for teachers and for students and parents. That is why from among all the contributors who have volunteered to write in this your blog I have tried to select those who have some kind of relationship with this topic, so that we can learn to improve the world from its base.

Salomn rivero (@srivero) is one of the names you will see frequently around here. Teacher and Researcher of the Department of Informatics and Educational Technology of the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University, in Venezuela, to be the one who covers the I Virtual Congress and II Online Conference on Free Knowledge and Education (CLED 2010), event that begins today and ends on July 16.

This event, organized by professors from renowned Venezuelan universities, will present activities such as e-presentations, webconferences, online mini workshops, Edublogs sample and Open Educational Resources contest.

During the first day of CLED 2010 there will be access from 17:30 (Venezuela time, GMT -04: 30) to the webconferences: Conceptualizing Open Educational Resources, their characteristics and taxonomy, by Elvira Navas of the Metropolitan University (UNIMET); and Towards a common definition of free and open education, by Franco Iacomella from Gleducar-Argentina.

For their part, the e-presentations will be active throughout. Each e-presentation will have an electronic forum and a co-moderator, who together with the e-speaker will generate the discussion around the proposed topic.

In the same way, the Mini Workshops to be developed will be the following:

– Didactic Workshop of the digital classroom. Facilitator: Dr. Carlos Bravo. Bolivia.

– WebQuest Workshop as a teaching-learning strategy. Facilitator: Prof. Marisol Martinez-Vega. Puerto Rico.

– Social Networks Workshop to promote interactive dialogic learning. Facilitator: Lic. Katiusca Pea. UNEFM. Venezuela.

– Workshop Educational uses of tools in Google environment. Facilitators: Prof. Elvira Navas and Prof. Maria Cecilia Fonseca.UNIMET. Venezuela.

– Design of Online Courses Using the DPIPE Strategy Supported in Moodle. Facilitator: Dr. Omar Mirata. UE @ D-Faculty of Sciences-UCV. Caracas Venezuela.

– Brainstorming for decision making in Moodle. Facilitator: Eng. Esp. Juan Carlos Molina.

– How to do Interactive Teamwork. Facilitator: Eng. Esp. Juan Carlos Molina.

– Pedagogical Laboratories in virtual environments. Sergio Mauricio Galperin.

– Analysis of Social Networks: Basic Workshop. Larry Lugo. UCLA, Venezuela.

– Creation of Open Educational Resources with Exelearning. Marianicer Figueroa. UNESR. Caracas Venezuela.

To access all the activities of CLED 2010, you just have to register for free at

Stay tuned, Solomon will tell us from within.