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Class0Firewall, minimizes vulnerability risks with Class 0 messages on Nexus [Android]


Holders of the latest terminals in the Google Nexus range will have to be careful with the SMS messages they receive in their terminals, since a couple of days ago, at the DefCam Security Conference in Bucharest, Romania, the system administrator and Security researcher Bogdan Alecu revealed his discovery about the potentially serious vulnerability in these terminals, so that through Class 0 Flash messages they could force their restart or leave them without connectivity, as highlighted by Android Police.

Flash messages are typically used for emergency or security purposes, with the message appearing directly on the screen instead of the default SMS messaging application. Bogdan Alecu, in collaboration with Michael Mueller, developed the Class0Firewall firewall, available on Google Play, designed to mitigate the effects of the vulnerability in case Class 0 messages could lead to denial of service attacks.

According to Bogdan Alecu, the vulnerability could destabilize the terminal, although theoretically it will also allow forcing remote code execution. With the discovery, Google is expected to move to create the necessary patch for the latest terminals of the Nexus range, although you can not be very optimistic in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, since it stopped receiving updates from the operating system.

The rest of the users do not have to worry about. Class0Firewall is available for Android terminals from version 2.2