javascript contador Saltar al contenido, video platform with kickstarter touches

citizen is a video platform where we can upload our videos and see the ones that other users have uploaded, but we have many special features that we will not see on other more popular platforms.

For starters, is a kind of merger between a traditional video platform and a site to publish Kickstarter projects, with which anyone can collaborate with the different projects on the platform that need financing. In this way, an optional collection of donations can be activated if we publish an idea and project and what we want is to obtain collective financing, and on the other hand, we can also deactivate the option and then upload traditional videos.

On the other hand, and also in the case of an interesting concept that can give you a good push to upload your videos, there is a section on called Competitions in which we can vote on different videos in categories such as music, education, video games, automobiles, comedy , dance or cinema, being able to win from prizes that start with 100 dollars to a prize of 100,000 dollars for the best video on the platform.

If you liked the idea and you enjoyed browsing the website and looking at what projects are cooking in it and what are the best videos in the categories, also know that you can use the app for iOS in the same way. totally free and available at this link to iTunes.