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Circular, open source alternative to Buffer


Thanks to those services that allow us to schedule status updates on social media, both users and companies avoid having to offer greater availability of our time to carry out such updates manually. One of the applications that we have already discussed is Buffer, whose operation many of us already know. Well, there is an alternative to Buffer that goes by the name of Circular, although at the moment it only works with Twitter accounts.

Circular is an open source application that allows us to use it both from your website and from our web servers if we decide to install it, as long as our servers meet a series of prerequisites, among them, the MongoDB support and the MongoDB for PHP, among others, whose complete instructions will be found in its file on GitHub.

Regarding the operation of Circular, we should only link those Twitter accounts that we want to use, it works with several simultaneously, and start creating status updates, either for immediate publication or for its programming, being able to link to the same images . From the configuration we can establish the times in which we want the status updates to be published in our Twitter accounts, and also, we can have notifications sent to our email addresses in case the list of pending publications ends , which will allow us to enter our panel to re-fill the list with new publications scheduled for publication.

Circular also has a bookmarklet to help us program status updates, which will come in handy when using your application, although if we use Chrome, we also have our own extension that we can install.

It is an alternative that it recognizes to be inspired by Buffer itself, giving us the freedom to use it in your web space or from our servers.

Link: Circular | Goes: WebResourcesDepot