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CircleMe, to group what we like the most, now with a mobile application for Android


We already introduced you at the time to CircleMe ( as an application that allows us to import all those elements that we like through the different social platforms, such as our favorite places on Foursquare or the movies that we like on Netflix, as well such as musical themes, books, websites, etc., to display them in a unified way in our own user profile.

This will allow us to track publications and conversations related to our interests as well as interact with other users with whom we have some common interests, users that we can include in our own network, in addition to being able to use other functions, such as creating pending tasks or associate an interest with a specific location through the function Plant.

Initially, users were able to use this service through its web application, although since the beginning of last year, CircleMe started its mobile presence with its application for iPhone devices. Since last December 10, Android users can also use CircleMe through our mobile terminals, which a few days ago received its first update, perhaps maintenance, since in its file on Google Play it does not provide a list of news .

As TNW indicates, CircleMe has grown primarily in the UK, the United States, Italy and Brazil. Perhaps with the increase in its mobile presence on Android devices, the adoption of this service in other places will increase, more considering that CircleMe follows the trend of services to which we have to contribute our interests so that they allow us to discover related elements and related users. , something that we already see also on other platforms.