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Circle now allows filtering information by categories and capturing images of places


At the beginning of this year we already introduced you to Circle (, a mobile application present on Android and iOS platforms that allows users to receive information under different categories related to the location in which we are at any time, from so that we will know what is happening near us, and also, we can establish contact with other nearby users. Of course, users have the possibility to control our privacy, being able to indicate who can see our information or location.

It is for this reason that Circle calls itself social radar, and that it will be reinforced with the innovations that its latest update incorporates, so that it allows us users to obtain the information that we wish to have under only specific categories. It will also allow us to capture images of everything that is happening near us. These innovations are already reflected in the news tab that Circle has in the Apple App Store, where it also adds a new look made up of thematic colors that will change every time we open the application.

However, the Circle for Android tab reflects other new features, such as speed improvements or updates to locations and languages.

In any case, the new versions of Circle mobile applications are already available in the corresponding markets for free for all our devices, both smartphones and tablets, remember that initially we can only have them on smartphones.