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CINEMOOD, a mini projector for children with included content


The main platforms of crowdfunding They usually present different projects aimed at the smallest of the house, such as the device we are talking about below, which was successfully financed last year and has recently obtained more financing. Is about CINEMOOD, a mini projector for children with included content that has really caught our attention.

If we focus on some of the characteristics that the product stands out for, CINEMOOD includes a selection of more than 100 series of drawings for the little ones, as well as 20 digital books. In addition, one of the things that most attract attention about CINEMOOD is that it is capable of generating a 100 ″ screen anywhere. As for its autonomy, it promises to offer three hours of battery, more than reasonable time if we take into account the reduced device size.

At this point it is important to highlight the possibility of using the product to play our own content, something possible thanks to the USB device slot. Of course, the operation of CINEMOOD is completely wireless, since it connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth and also has WiFi connectivity.

Considering the success of the campaign, it is not surprising the interest generated by the product. As for the price of the device, CINEMOOD is sold from 449 dollars, since there are several versions available. If it has caught your attention, you can consult the official information at the following link. We leave you with the video: