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Chronozoom, the historical timeline, now allows you to create your own content


Chronozoom has changed a lot since we told you about this website in 2012. We presented it to you as a Microsoft project that allows us to teach and explore history in a different way, in this case through an interactive diagram that covers 13.7 billion years divided into different categories.

Now, as we mentioned, Chronozoom reminds us rather little of that website that we analyzed. Aside from being now a .com and not .org As before, the new site will allow students and teachers to create their own content in timelines, with different layers. The theme of the layers is really interesting, because by overlapping different areas and you were on our timeline we will see how our events intersect and overlap with other important historical moments.

Chronozoom also has multimedia support so that our timeline shows different videos, images and texts in case we want to insert multiple additional elements in it, and with a feed of the latest news located on the right side of the site where we can read about different news and educational apps. A last detail to highlight is the possibility of zooming (hence the name) on any element of the biography or line to see the materials and sub-events in detail.

You can take a look at it, for my part I have spent a long time exploring the geological history of Mars.