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Chromium team tests application launch without installation


Franois Beaufort, developer and evangelist of the open source browser Chromium, announces through his Google+ profile the start of an interesting experiment in the latest development version of Chromium by which ephemeral applications can be launched from hyperlinks. Users who want to test ephemeral applications, must have this development version installed, available for Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, and enter in the chrome bar: // flags / # enable-ephemeral-apps to activate this functionality if not yet was activated.

To make it clear that they are the ephemeral applications of Google, they are those applications that run directly from the Chrome Web Store without the need to be previously installed, and therefore, they do not need to be uninstalled either.

Once users search for applications directly from the application launcher, they will access the results of the Chrome Web Store, where they will be able to see applications that, in addition to being installed, will also be able to run directly. These tests indicate that the Chrome Web Store can already allow the launch of applications without the need for installation, making it a matter of time that sooner or later we can see this new feature to stable versions of Chrome, a boost that is giving Google to Chrome applications with the view that they may be more widely adopted by users.

Remember that we can have the Chrome application launcher available in our system, in the link bar of our browser, and even within Google services. The source code for this functionality is also available.