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Chrome is now 15% faster hit on Windows

Chrome is now 15% faster hit on Windows

Chrome is now 15% faster hit on Windows

Google has made Chrome faster on Windows thanks to a small big change.

When was the last time you saw a browser that boasts speed?

There was a time when speed was a vital aspect of choosing a browser; But we have already reached a point where any self-respecting browser should be at the same level. Is it really possible to improve in this regard?

How Google has achieved faster Chrome in Windows

Google has shown today that yes, you can. The official blog of Chromium, the free project behind Chrome, has published today what it has achieved using PGO on Windows.

PGO is Profile Guided Optimization, a technology developed by Microsoft for improve the performance of native applications; To do this, PGO analyzes which functions of a program are the most used.

When we use any program, there will be functions that will be called constantly, and others that will only be called from time to time; PGO uses data from the program execution to mark the most used functions and those that need better optimization.

PGO can then improve those functions, increasing the size; to compensate, less used functions are simplified and reduced. Also, The memory position of the functions is also managed differently.

PGO effects in Chrome

The result of these optimizations, according to Google, is a clear improvement in performance.

  • The loading time of a new tab is reduced by 14.8%.
  • Pages take 5.9% less to load.
  • Startup time is reduced by 16.8%.

Of course, those results depend a lot on each team and the pages we visit. Still, it’s rare to see such a huge performance improvement from one version to another of the same program; and less today.

The first versions of Chrome with PGO are already available. In 64 bit, it is already available in Chrome 53, while 32-bit is available in Chrome 54.

Have you noticed the improvement?